Designing your dining room. Should you put a TV in your dining room?

Published: 23rd January 2008
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Designing tips for the dining room furniture.

What should you have in your dining room?

When you start designing your dining room furniture, you have to consider several facts to make this room welcoming, useful and warm.

1. First you have to find out what style you like to have in your dining room furniture. There are many styles available, and it can be really difficult to find what you like, and will consider having and using for many years. If you prefer country, or traditional, it can work because it is timeless style, and it should never really go out of style.

However, if you like modern and contemporary style, it can be really simple and casual. The modern style usually consists of more geometric shapes, with simplicity that you can enjoy for a long time.

So, first set your mind on your style, and go from there to choose the right furniture for your dinning room.

2. Consider the size of your room and the size of your furniture. If you have a large grand dining room, the large scale furniture pieces will be appropriate, however many houses have smaller size dining room areas. So, you can still stay within the style you like, just select smaller pieces, or even less pieces from the same furniture manufacturer. Do not feel like you are taking away from your dining room if you select fewer pieces. It will look balanced against the size of your room.

3. Choose the color for your dining room. The colors can go from soft and warm to bold, depending on the style, and room positioning. Sometimes it is wise to just use on side of the room for a bold color, and the rest to be painted more warm colors.

4. The dining room pieces that would be appropriate for the nice, formal dining room, are :

Dining room table, depending on the size of the room can be either oval or rectangular;

Dining room chairs, that can be either matched with the table, or slightly different, as long as they fit properly with the table and the style. There are many types of dining room chairs are available, either wooden, or a combination wooden and upholstered. While, the upholstered chair may look much more elegant, the just wooden chair can be just as attractive.

The buffet, china cabinet or a hutch can be added to the room for the complete look.

The buffet can serve as an additional room for placing your platters and dishes.

5. Furniture arrangement. You always want to make sure that the dining room furniture compliments the room, makes the room inviting and cozy. You want to place the furniture, so it is easy for you and your guests to maneuver between the table and the chairs and other pieces.

6. Consider appropriate lighting for your dining room. The most common fixture is used to be placed over the dining room table is the chandelier type fixture. The light should be bright, but not to overwhelming. You may also ad some recess lighting as well to be able to adjust the light depending on what you want the atmosphere to be in the room.

7. The last part is the decorating your dining room. You want to make sure that the style of your china and dishes, serving platters and glasses meshes well with the style of your dining room furniture. I think it is not so bad to mix the styles a little bit, but not go to the extreme. For example if you have traditional style furniture, the modern type simple style dinnerware may not really compliment the style of your furniture. And, if you use a vibrant traditional dinnerware, it would enrich the style of your dining room and make it stand out.

8. You can always ad a rug, pictures and flowers to compliment the room, but not overtake it. So, does the decoration part carefully, remember "less is more".

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